LIQVIS is the LNG partner
for service stations

The business model with LIQVIS – profit for all.

LNG tank system with competitive advantage

Example: fuelling station designed in coordination with a partner

Pioneering work

Fit out your service station for the future and be there when it comes to preparing the way for LNG. Ensure your competitive advantage. We will support you dynamically and simply, because, together with you, we can herald the LNG age for trucking companies. Build the truck supply grid of the future with us.

Mutually constructive

There are a number of tasks to complete in order to ensure we reach our destination together. Here is an overview of our to-do list:

  • Marketing tasks
  • Ensure LNG
    at competitive prices
  • Define LNG fuelling station and their minimum standard
  • Position ‘LNG for trucks’
    among trucking companies,
    truck manufacturers,
    other stakeholders
  • Support in the financing of
    the fuelling station
  • Support trucking companies
    in purchasing
  • Provision of expertise regarding
    ‘LNG for trucks’
  • Build bridge
    to truck manufacturers
  • Service station operator tasks
  • Find and identify
    real estate
  • Gather
  • Select fuelling station (FS)
    in coordination with LIQVIS
    Initially: moveable FS
    Long-term: fixed FS
  • Organise or take on
    construction management
  • Operate facility or
    appoint management
  • Maintenance
    and repairs
  • Invoice

LNG fuelling station models – something for everyone

It is worth selecting the most economical facility for the corresponding demand for LNG. Three fuelling station models have proven themselves on the market. We recommend a moveable station initially.

  • 1. Mobile fuelling station
    Up to 42 m3 (up to 17,000 kg),
    5–30 refuellings per day

  • 2. Moveable fuelling station
    30–60 m3 (12,000 to 24,000 kg),
    30–70 refuellings per day
    (size can be modularly extended)

  • 3. Fixed fuelling station
    More than 60 m3 (more than 24,000 kg),
    70–150 refuellings per day

Quick returns

We strongly believe the LNG truck market in Europe will develop positively. So it makes sense to invest now and ensure returns in the coming years.

According to our estimates, our economical conditions mean the investment in an LNG fuelling station could pay off in just a few years and provide greatly increased profits beyond that.

Filling Liquefied natural gas (LNG)

Filling up with LNG is easy and as quick as filling up with diesel. Once the connection is secure, a pump is switched on by pressing a button and the tank begins filling up. As soon as the tank is full, the pump will automatically switch off.