LIQVIS strengthens security measures for customers!

LIQVIS continues to increase safety at its LNG filling stations and has launched a comprehensive poster campaign on the topic of safe refueling. As part of this initiative, posters will be placed at all LIQVIS tank facilities informing about the need for personal protective equipment (PPE) during LNG refueling. The PPE, consisting of face protection, gloves, long-sleeved top, long pants and sturdy or closed shoes, protects and ensures safe refueling.

The posters, which are clearly displayed at LIQVIS fueling stations, call on people to always wear PPE, especially face protection, during the refueling process. This measure is intended to further increase security at LIQVIS LNG filling stations.

LNG is a particularly cold-sensitive fuel that can reach temperatures of up to minus 162 degrees Celsius when refueling. Therefore, there is a risk of cold burns if LNG comes into contact with the skin.

"LIQVIS attaches great importance to the safety of our customers. The introduction of the posters underlines our commitment to safety. We are aware of the potential risks of improper handling of LNG and want to ensure that our customers can refuel safely", says Nauand Hanno from the LIQVIS, which accompanied this measure.