LIQVIS LNG station opened in Lohfelden near Kassel near A7!

Our new LNG filling station in Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 7a, in 34123 Lohfelden near Kassel is open 24/7 from now on! It is our 2nd stationary LNG filling station. About 4 months after start of construction, we are pleased to announce the completion of our new LNG filling station, especially considering the current situation. The station will supply our customers reliably and at high throughput speeds in the future. The strategic importance for heavy goods transport and the high demand for LNG have already become apparent in the past. It is therefore all the more important to meet this needs in a customer oriented and sustainable way by opening the station with using highly modern refueling technology. With 2 dispenser waiting times can be reduced to a minimum, the safe handling of the refueling process is guaranteed at all times.