LNG fuelling stations
in Europe

The future is on the road – the network is growing.

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The Benelux region, Sweden, Spain and Great Britain already have a well-developed network of LNG fuelling stations. Initiatives such as Blue Corridors are expanding the network so that routes from Scandinavia via the south of France to the south of Spain (SoNor), from Scandinavia via the north of France to Portugal (Atl-Blue), from Scotland to Italy (WE Blue) and from the south of Spain via the south of France to Italy (Med-Blue) can be driven with a secure supply.

Investments are promising

Goods transport is growing – most clearly on the roads. Trucking companies and service station operators will be the victors here and should ensure their share now. Ideally in the most environmentally friendly and economical way possible.

We are convinced that the expansion of the LNG fuelling station network will progress – less tentatively than it has so far. Trucking companies will increasingly rely on LNG as a fuel, because they will be impressed by its price and emissions benefits. The technology is mature and ready for application.

Predicted goods transport (BMVI study, 2014) and predicted truck inventory in Germany

Freight transport is growing and the number of LNG filling stations will increase