LNG as a fuel
and its characteristics

LNG is liquid: it is natural gas cooled as far as –162°C. In its liquid state, it only requires 1/600 of its gaseous volume.

Erdgas in gasförmigem und flüssigem Zustand

Schematic: Volume of LNG in gas and liquid state.

That is the most compact state for natural gas to be transported – pipeline-independently and economically efficiently– across large distances, for example from Africa or America to Europe. That means high price stability and resistance to crises. In addition, it makes it possible for truck fleet operators to fill their vehicles with enough natural gas to travel long routes*.

* 700–1,300 km, depending on tank design.

LNG Versorgung

LNG is manufactured in large natural gas production plants and its liquefaction in countries of production enables it to be stored and transported efficiently, mainly by ship.

Natural gas resources today are greater than crude oil resources. Liquefaction capacities – and therefore the LNG on offer – are being expanded considerably around the world. LNG can be acquired from many regions worldwide and is therefore less affected by crises.