LIQVIS is the LNG partner
of trucking companies

As a partner to trucking companies, LIQVIS makes the changeover easy.

Alternativer Kraftstoff verflüssigtes Erdgas

Our idea

We supply LNG as a fuel with the necessary infrastructure at more economical rates than diesel. We develop market partnerships for the provision of the required fuelling stations at a regional and local level. We support the technology with our expertise. Through Uniper, we have the necessary quantities of LNG and the required capacities at the terminal.

Kosten der Speditionen reduzieren mit LNG LKW

Our offer

We offer potential new customers test packages to become familiar with the LNG trucks. We accompany this familiarisation with briefings and/or training.

Your profit

From the point of view of a trucking company, the fuel price per kilogram of LNG alone is more economical than the price per litre of diesel. In addition, the price per kilogram of LNG can be linked to the price per litre of diesel and a specific value can be discounted.
With use over several years with high mileage, for example, fuel cost savings that cover the additional costs can be achieved. The additional costs of your LNG truck and maintenance costs vary in each case. With LNG from LIQVIS, we offer to investigate the possibilities for added economy of the LNG truck in comparison to a diesel truck together with you.

LNG tank system with competitive advantage

Driving with LNG

The full potential of LNG can be exploited in pure natural gas vehicles (major savings on fuel costs, better for the environment). These mono-fuel vehicles are powered by a specially developed Otto engine*.

* The slightly lower efficiency (for technical reasons) of Otto engines compared to diesel drives is compensated for by the approx. 40% higher energy content of LNG to such an extent that fuel can be saved overall.

Standardised, simple and safe refuelling

The fuelling stations are fitted with standardised appliances that take safety aspects and practicality into account. Refuelling can be done independently at any time. Like diesel, LNG is inserted in liquid form. The refuelling duration is comparable with diesel, even in large quantities.